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  • 2000V Solar DC cable
  • 2000V Solar DC cable
  • 2000V Solar DC cable
  • 2000V Solar DC cable

    Zhejiang Sowell Electric Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar cables and solar system accessories. With a strong focus on innovation, we pride ourselves on our R&D design patents, which ensure that our products are at the forefront of the industry.

    Product Specifications

    Model Rated Volatage Conductor Standard Certificate No.
    H1Z2Z2-K 1500V Tinned Copper EN50618 B1161110001
    PV wire 1000V/2000V Bare Copper / Aluminium alloy  UL4703 E535462
    62930IEC131 1500V Tinned Copper IEC62930 B1161110001
    PV1500DC-AL 1500V Aluminium alloy 2 PfG 2642 J50490609
    PV1-F 1000V Tinned Copper PPP59074A B1161110002
    PV2000DC 2000V Tinned Copper / Aluminium alloy / TCA PPP58209A B1161110004

    Product Description

    Introducing our high-performance 2000V Solar DC cable, designed specifically for the New Energy Industry. With unmatched durability and safety features, this cable ensures secure energy transmission in solar applications. Its exceptional insulation properties make it ideal for long-term outdoor use. Our cable delivers superior efficiency and reliability, maximizing energy production. Its high voltage rating enables seamless integration into large-scale solar projects. Invest in our 2000V Solar DC cable for a sustainable and efficient energy solution.

    Product Features

    • 2000V Solar DC cable
    • High Voltage Rating - Capable of handling up to 2000V
    • Designed for Solar Applications - Specifically engineered for solar power systems
    • Durable Construction - Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions
    • Reliable Performance - Ensures efficient and uninterrupted power transmission

    Application of 2000V Solar DC cable

    • Designed for solar power systems with a voltage rating of 2000V DC
    • Provides efficient and reliable connection between solar panels and inverters
    • Ensures safe and secure transmission of DC power from solar panels to the electrical grid
    • Suitable for both residential and commercial solar installations
    • Weather-resistant and durable construction for long-lasting performance

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