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Zhejiang Sowell Electric Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar cables and solar system accessories. With a strong focus on innovation, we pride ourselves on our R&D design patents, which ensure that our products are at the forefront of the industry. Our professional sales team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, and our comprehensive after-sales service system guarantees customer satisfaction. Since our establishment in 2006, we have been committed to delivering the highest quality products to our clients. Our factory strength and commitment to product quality reflect our professionalism, making us the preferred choice for all your solar cable and accessory needs.

Established in 2006, We focus on research and development in new energy products. Our PV cables are manufactured according to the following standards: IEC62930, EN50618, 2 PFG 1169, UL4703,2 PFG 2642, PP59074, PPP58029 etc. We have got all the certificates of solar cable, help us to expand our market. 2000V TUV certificate is our killing point. Our production lines include solar DC cable, Solar AC cable, MC4 connector, T type connector, Y branch connector, battery cable and installation tools. We can meet different requirements from clients.
There are 11 product lines, over 300 employees, daily capacity is up to 300kms, 5000sets for PV connector. Our worker is professional, good production and ship on time. Whole inspection system from raw material to product, do all the test to keep high quality. The service life is more than 25years, warranty is 10years. After-sales service is better.
Our main products are DC cable and AC cable. 62930IEC131, H1Z2Z2-K, PV1-F, PV1500DC-AL, PV2000DC, PV07AC-F. TC-ER, AZ2-K, etc. DC cable: tinned copper, tinned copper alloy or aluminum alloy solar cable. We have got TUV and UL certificates. The first global TUV certificate of 2000V was approved in 2023. Customized is acceptable. XLPO Crosslinking and irradiation are our must production step. AC cable: 3 core AC cable is special for micro inverter. PV connector also is our business scope, 1000V: PV005, 1500V: SSPV-(X), LTM5, LTN4 and so on. The best is our patent product SSPV-001, special for tinned copper and aluminum alloy transition, help us to save cost.

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SOWELLSOLAR focuses on photovoltaic cables and solar systems accessories. The cables include PV1-F, H1Z2Z2-K, 62930IEC131, PV2000DC, PV1500DC-AL, USE-2, PV wire, TC-ER,PV07AC-F, AZ2-K, ES-A09VV-F, H07RN-F, ext. The accessories include MC4 Connectors,T-type connectors, Y-type connectors, Solar Fuse Connectors, AC connector for Micro inverter,Cables for Energy Storage system,Solar installation tools, Solar power tester, etc.
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